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Ridley Mini Skips

About Us

Our main objective is to prevent any unnessecesary waste going to land fill when it could be reused or recycled. We live in a throw away society and our disposable lifestyle is catching up with us.

Is a small privately owned and run business that employs ten local employees in various roles. Our core business is to provide a waste removal service for the whole community, whether it be a large construction site to a backyard cleanup.

Our “MRF” – Material Recovery Facility The MRF that we run is quite unique to us in this region. It is used to sort,separate and recycle waste from our skip bins We employ five local people to mechanically and manually sort the waste stream into different catorgries, being- Cardboard,Steel,Brick and Concrete and Timber Waste. We have a polystyrene recycling machine to process waste collected from local electrical stores and public drop off. Waste plastic is another big process for us . We collect all types of plastics and either Bale or granulate it for export. This is a massive saving to landfill. So recycling is available through us for:

  • Cardboard
  • Steel
  • Alluminium
  • Timber Waste
  • Green Waste
  • Brick and Concrete
This process provides us with a diversion rate from landfill of around 90%. We process around 5000 ton of waste each year, so the saving of waste going to landfill is huge.


Note: Bin hire $100/week rent. Note: Out of town delivery $5.00 per Km for Hook Lift Skip. Note: Out of town delivery $4.00 per Km for Marrell Skip Bins.
Travel Charges  Price
Armidale $0.00
Invergowrie $60.00
Uralla $88.00
Note: These prices are only relevant to our “Hook Lift Bins” (13m3, 15m3, 30m3)
Tipping Charges Price per tonne
Un-sorted Waste $275.00/t
General Sorted Waste $130.00/t
Timber Waste $130.00/t
Clean Fill $130.00/t
Clean Fill (With certificate) $17.00/t
Green Waste $50.00/t
Clean Brick / Concrete $60.00/t
Steel No Charge
Separated Recyclables No Charge

Tipper Hire

Equipment Price per hour
Loader Hire $121.00 p/h
Trommel Screen Hire $253.00 p/h
Truck Hire $145.00 p/h
Excavator Hire $121.00 p/h
Ridley Mini Skips Images Ridley Mini Skips Images Ridley Mini Skips Images